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Welcome to Utah Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Sidewalk advocacy is one of the single most effective ways to end abortion. It involves reaching out to women in need directly outside of an abortion facility and offering them tangible help and resources in their communities. We are loving, peaceful, and 100% law-abiding.

Utah Sidewalk Advocates are trained using the methods of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, a national organization that provides support and resources for those who have a regular presence outside of their local abortion facilities. Our advocates receive extensive training, are equipped with literature, and will always have at least one other advocate with them.

If you are interested in learning how to reach women in crisis, saving lives, working toward closing the 2 abortion facilities in Utah, and ultimately ending abortion in our state, please join us!


Lizanne's Story

See how the Sidewalk Advocates for Life method saves women and their babies.

Saving Generations

Save one life, save generations.

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Our Goal

Sidewalk Advocate Volunteers

Our goal is to have sidewalk advocates outside of our two abortion facilities every hour they are open, but we can’t do it alone, and we need your help! Sign up to come to our next training, meet our team, and get scheduled to be on the sidewalk and start saving lives!

Learn How

Sidewalk advocate volutneer

Trainings take place through a video series and are typically held on Saturday mornings. The cost to attend is $15, which will include lunch. The trainings cover every situation you may encounter on the sidewalk, how to protect yourself legally, how to approach and talk to women, and other useful information.

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